January 2017


Day 31 - January 31st, 2017

The last day of January, meaning I made it 31 days! Wow. Honestly, when starting this whole thing, my co-workers and I thought I would only go for like 10 days haha. I guess the bigger accomplishment will be when I hit 100 days. This challenge, that I put on myself, has had it's ups and downs. Starting with getting things going, getting hacked like one week in, but then that being a blessing in disguise. I worked harder at it, resulting in a much better turn around the second time around. Well, enough gloating, because I will probably have to combine the next two days due to slacking lol.

During my lunch break, I had to go buy a dress for work for the "Gala" I mentioned in a last post, that is on Thursday. I don't own nice things, so I had to hit up the mall. On the contrary, I do have A LOT of nice, casual clothes. For things like this, not so much. I probably tried on 12 dresses and realized I am SO OUT OF SHAPE. Ew. It was disgusting. I am in no way obese, but so unappealing to the eye. Sorry Phil. Seriously though, contemplating on never eating again, but I have this blog and I love eating. So that ain't happenin. 

Once I got back to work, I went to the deli downstairs and ordered a Mediterranean Wrap. Surprisingly, this wrap is delicious and I need to find out where they get their dressing. The deli is family owned, so I am sure that half the stuff they have down there is from Sprouts or something. Anyways, the wrap is freaking good and Courtney (my friend who works as a receptionist/admin here) recommended I try it a while back. So glad I did, because when I am trying to get something quick, this is my go to. The deli puts grilled chicken, lettuce, baby spinach, cucumber, black olives, onion, this AMAZING italian or mediterranean dressing, and I took out tomatoes and subbed jalapenos. They will basically modify anything that is on the menu for you. This wrap is super "makable" at home, you just need similar ingredients and a large tortilla wrap. May ask him to sub a veggie wrap next time.

Later, I was starving for some reason, even though my lunch was solid. I called Phil so that could swing by the apartment and go get food. He suggested chicken express, which sounded amazing, until I remembered the dressing room and was immediately revolted. So, I suggested Fuzzy's and he was game. Fuzzy's is pretty known, but it is right around the corner form us and super fast (Grapevine location is usually never that busy). We started off with some queso, which is queso blanco.. Phil's favorite. We usually go with chorizo, but decided to go with ground beef in it and then topped off with some pico. Pretty simple.

I always get a Grilled Shrimp Salad, but the cashier asked something that was a game changer. She asked if I wanted to add black beans and avocado. NO ONE HAS EVER SUGGESTED THIS HERE. I was like, duhhhh. Wow, the salad is already good, and now I know you can add that for free. Seriously, the salad is huge too, which has: lettuce, grilled shrimp, feta cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, tortilla chips, and avocado and black beans.

Of course, I had to mix of the bowl a bit. All you could see was the tortilla chips, which actually seemed a little overcooked today. I added the house vinaigrette for perfection.

Fun Fact: Another interesting thing that this cashier mentioned was that the house vinaigrette is actually the only dressing that isn't made in house?!?!

Overall, food today was pretty solid and somewhat healthy, so props to me. To end off my evening, I wanted to have a nice cup of tea and watch The Path, because I had fallen asleep during last night while Phil and I were watching. I have been wanting to try this detox tea that I found at my parent's house called Triple Leaf Detox Tea. Since I have been having weird stomach issues, I thought that it was help cleanse

The tea was pretty good but to be honest, there were really no side effects. Not surprised, as I saw some forums online preaching the same thing. For the defense, there were mixed opinions, so I thought I would try. If you know anything (good or bad) about this tea, please let a girl know.

Happy Eating, 


Day 30 - January 30th, 2017 

Monday... we meet again. Unfortunately, this Monday, I had yet to prep any food other than some left over rice from last night. Most of you will think I am disgusting, and at times I would have to agree, but I went ahead and brought the rice to work with some tunaaaaaa. Yeah, I know, but I was desperate. I have to buy a dress for this "Gala" I have to go to on Thursday, so the good food will have to wait until dinner. Trust me, I redeemed myself. 

By the time I had gotten home, Phil had already left to bring pizza to his mom's house and was basically there once I called him. So, I hit my dad up to see if he was hungry. He can act like he isn't, but I know he pretty much did not eat since I was last with him. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and some magical words came out of his mouth. "How about a burger?" Hell yeah I want a burger. Even though he is open to more things lately, he has said in the past he is not that into Five Guys, which is a crazy thing to say. So we resulted to the next best thing.. Mooyah Burger. To me, this is a classic place to go to in Flower Mound, once it opened like 7 or 8 years ago kind of by the high school but closer to Lifetime. The ingredients are fresh and they have damn good fries, but seriously.. if you are a burger place and you can't be good at those to things, how are you even open?

I went with their Turkey Burger Club. Get it? It is a turkey burger BUT also a club sandwich. Tricky. On the menu, this sounded delicious, and came with: avocado, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, spicy mayo, I took out the tomatoes, and of course.. I added some jalapenos. Sandwiched between a perfectly toasted whole wheat bun. Delightful.

My dad went with a classic hamburger. Well, he really asked me to order him the cheeseburger, but my dumb ass said hamburger. Once he got it, he immediately noticed there was no cheese and was like, "I think you ordered the wrong thing." Well, that what he got for making me order for him!

Just kidding 😉 That was totally my bad, but I had to shove it in his face how good my cheese was. Haha. Either way, the food was delicious, even his cheese-less burger. The fries were solid as always and the have Fuse Raspberry tea. For some reason, I got a thing for that tea, because my eyes glaze over when I see it with the fountain drinks. 

We chatted for a bit and headed home. I hung out briefly with him at home, then headed back to my apartment. Phil and I stayed up to watch some new episodes of The Path (on Hulu. Awesome.). 11:30pm rolls around and I get hungry again. That is what I get for teasing my dad. So, I head to the left over pasta I made like 5 days ago and filled a bowl up. I know better than to eat past 10pm on a school night.. I mean weeknight. But damn, it was the best 5 day old pasta I ever had. 

I will regret that tomorrow. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 29 - January 29th, 2017

Sundays always seem to be a slow day for me, especially in the kitchen. We had a little too much fun at Round 1 last night, so I was ready to relax for the whole day. Luckily I made that Baked Rigatoni for practically an army, and still trying to eat the left overs. So, rather than actually cook something for lunch, I went ahead and just reheated this.

After two movies, one being alright and the other being exceptional (go watch/see "Lion"), I was ready to get my cooking on. I open my fridge and realized I need a much needed grocery trip, but until then, I had two frozen salmons in the freezer. I wanted to try something different. While looking on pinterest, it constantly was giving my honey glaze recipes. Finally, I had came across a Maple Sriracha Salmon. It is safe to say that I love spicy food, so this was a home run for the taste buds. 

What I needed:

1 Salmon fillet

Maple Syrup


Lime (Considering what I said above, I had to use lemon juice)

Olive Oil

Black Pepper 


...and I added some garlic. per usual. 

I took a small bowl and mixed the maple syrup, sriracha, and lemon juice. After the salmon had thawed out, I poured the olive oil on and rubbed it in. Then, applied the sauce generously and adding the seasoning afterwards. Once the pan was at medium heat, I cooked the chopped garlic first. After about a minute, I placed the salmon on top of the garlic, to get the juices flowin'. I flipped after two minutes, doing this twice. Then one minutes, flipping twice as well. 

The salmon was good to go, and I cooked some corn and rice for my sides. I loved this sauce and highly recommend trying if you like sweet and spicy. If you want it to be spicier, feel free to just add more sriracha and pepper. 

The weekend is so short now 🙁

Happy Eating, 


Day 28 - January 28th, 2017

After a late night snack, which was the pasta I made on Thursday, I actually didn't wake up feeling bad. Thank god for carbs and sausage. I decided to walk off last night, so took Addy on a nice long walk at the trails next to my apartment complex. Since this was a spur of the moment situation, I kind of looked like a homeless women with someone else's dog, and luckily did not see a soul outside. Once we got back, I was starving. Not sure what it is, but whenever I feel "starving", then I end up cleaning for 30 minutes. I think it is becoming a subconscious thing. 

I ended up making phil some fried eggs and turkey bacon, but thought I would change up my game. I went with making a veggie omelet, with a side of turkey bacon too. This is something I just whipped up without using a recipe, but here's what I used:

3 Eggs

1 tbs of sour cream

1/4 cup of shredded monterey cheese

Carrots, diced

Bell pepper, chopped

Celery, chopped

Garlic Powder

Lemon Pepper

Ground Pepper

Notice no salt? Just a nice tip, that if you want to cut out salt, then just replace with garlic powder. Much better for you and will give off that taste that is comparable to salt. Somehow. Not sue why.

I put the veggies on the pan at medium heat, then add the egg mixture. I may have used too much veggies, because I could not flip this omelet to save my life and resulted to me over cooking my omelet. Better luck next time.

After coming home from hanging with my dad a couple hours (I did have some shin noodles there, which are super spicy and delicious), I walked in on Phil making a classic grilled cheese. Once he was done, he was like, "You know you are going to want a picture of this." He's right. I did want a picture LOL. Then we went to Round 1, which is a bowling alley and huge arcade, wrapped into one. 

After waiting about 20 minutes for a beer, playing various arcade games, two games of bowling, and some more beer; we were hungry. We ended up going to Whataburger for a late night snack. Plus, I had yet to have a real meal since breakfast, so this would save me. Trying something new, I went with the A-1 Sauce Bacon Burger and added some jalapenos. I may ask for less onion next time, but the A-1 was so good. 

I know the picture isn't appealing to the eye, but my god it was tasty. After stuffing my face, I was ready to fall asleep immediately. Lately, I have been having this weird feeling after I get to full, where I will literally be knocked out by eating. I get so tired and could probably fall asleep while standing. Either way, solid couple days of food. January is almost coming to a close, so I will have to end out nicely. 

Happy Eating,


Day 27 - January 27th, 2017 

In the past two days, I have had some pretty good food. This past week, I tended to go to places I always go, but decided to try some different stuff while I was there. I had went to Gecko the other day, which is a norm and today I went resulted to Fast Furious, which I have yet to go to since the last time I posted, which is impressive because I use to go like twice in one week. So I usually just get the stuffed jalapeno, but I thought I would add some stuffed mushrooms too. I am not really too sure what they stuff these with or what is even on top of them, but there is no need for questions.

After ordering the stuffed veggies, I typically get the combo meal that include some type of protein, carb, and veggie of your choice. I ended up going with one of their speciality bowls, the Pork Bibimbap. I have never had bibimbap, so I thought I would give this a try. My co-worker had gotten the beef bibimbap before, which is how I had the idea to even try this. I love fried eggs, especially a nice over-easy one. This also came with some veggies, steamed white rice, and of course the pork. The pork was a little sweet, but overall, this was still super good and will probably try the beef bibimbap next time.

I made dinner plans with Kate to go to "The Table", which is in Highland Village or about 10-15 minutes from where I live. Our friend works there too, so we let her know we were going to be there a couple days' ahead. The place is not that huge, but I love the decor inside and the modern industrial feel it has going on. Our friend recommended we tried the Hibiscus Martini. This had a punch, but not in a too much alcohol kind of way, but flavor. Pretty tarty and sour, which I really like, but definitely could only do about two of these so that my stomach would not get upset. The drink had raspberry vodka hibiscus nectar, fresh raspberries, and prosecco. I later changed to wine, then beer, and.. you know how the story goes.

We decided to only do appetizers and drinks. We started with the Crispy Gulf Shrimp, which had buttermilk butter, chili, garlic, parmesan, and lemon-herb aioli. These were freaking awesome and probably one of the best fried shrimp I have ever had.

Next up was the Hummus. This came with olive tapenade, marinated tomatoes, roasted eggplant, house chili paste, and garlic flat bread. Since I love spicy flavors, the chili paste was the best thing to go with the hummus. The real MVP of the dish is the garlic flat bread. Holy cow, soo good that I asked for another order of just those. 

By the end of the night, I ended up going to some baby boomer bar with my friend Nikki, who worked at the Table and her coworkers. After mixing enough alcohol for one night, I finally headed home. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 25-26 - January 25th & 26th, 2017

So there is actually a reason why I am combining these two. On the 25th, I had an awesome lunch, but felt like crap by the end of the day. I swear I have a food allergy or something, because my stomach could never settle and I was pretty itchy all over. I looked up these symptoms, and both food poisoning and food allergies came up. Quite possibly, it could have been the cabbage I ate, that had be out in the open too long before me putting it up in the fridge or possibly garlic? I am not sure, I am just trying to think of what I usually eat and when this triggers. I will update once I figure it out. LOL to the fact that I posted the other day, "How to not get Salmonella", and can possibly have food poisoning. Life is ironic.

So yesterday I had went to Gecko, because you can never go wrong going to lunch there and there are plenty of things I have yet to try there. Scrolling through the menu, I decided to get the Poblano Chicken. I had interpreted this as a sandwich, but I stood corrected. This was actually just chicken with basically salsa and cheese on top, with a side of rice and beans. I am not a pinto bean fan, but I actually dug how they made their's, which was kind of like soup. They make chicken really well here, not sure what they do. Possibly kill the chicken in the back, skin them themselves, and cook them fresh. The poblano salsa was pretty good, but the cheese was the best part. You can barely see it, so it was a nice surprise in your mouth once you took a bite. I recommend this dish, but I do like the blackened chicken sandwich more.

Today, my coworker had a networking meeting and was given some customized chocolates from Chocolate Secrets off Oak Lawn in Dallas. When he opened up the chocolate, I was amazed by the ones on the right hand side of the picture. Pretty much an art and had no resemblance to a chocolate. I snagged a Texas Spicy Pecan, Strawberry Balsamic, and Sea Sal Caramel chocolates. I ate them in that order too. They were delicious. I am not a huge fan of flavored chocolates, but these blew me away. Great idea for a Valentine's day gift too!

I told my dad to come over so we could watch Deep Water Horizon. He has been wanting to watch that movie, so thought it would be a good idea for us to watch that together, as well as make him dinner. I asked Phil what I should make and his suggestions were things I make all the time haha. Something I had not made in a while was Baked Ziti. Granted, pasta recipes are usually like 8 servings and there is just two of us. I decided to make it anyway and have some left over for the weekend, but found a recipe I wanted to try with some Italian sausage.

What I needed:

1 Box of Ziti (I couldn't find it so I used Rigatoni)

1 lbs. of Italian sausage

1 container of Ricotta

1 Bag of shredded Italian Cheese

1 Yellow onion, chopped

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 egg

I started off with heating the oven to 350 degrees, browning the meat, while also cooking the noodles. Considering the amount of noodles, the water took a little longer to boil than to brown the meat. I started chopping up the onion and garlic. The recipe I found asked for too much onion, so I would recommend only using half of the yellow onion, rather than a whole large one. As the noodles were cooking, I was able to start mixing everything into a large mixing bowl. I only put a 1/3 of the marinara though. Everything else is in full portion. I made sure to drain sausage and pasta, and add that to the bowl. Once the mixture was nice and smooth, I started layering it into a sprayed 9x13 pan. First started with covering the bottom of the pan with the marinara, a layer of the mixture, then the shredded cheese. Repeated one more time and placed in the oven for 20 minutes with foil covering the dish tightly. After the timer went over, I took off the foil and placed the dish back into the oven for 5 more minutes to melt the cheese.

Like I said, there was a little too much onion and maybe could use some more ricotta cheese. Otherwise, this recipe would be pretty good with those tips, in my opinion. I'd add one more container of ricotta and half of the onion. Phil and my dad both enjoyed the baked rigatoni, and Deep Water Horizon took me for a ride. I had no idea that is what caused the largest oil spill in history!! Sorry, getting a little side track. Well, tomorrow is Friday so hopefully there is good food in store.

Happy Eating,


Day 24 - January 24th, 2017

When you wake up to an email that a co-worker is bring donuts for breakfast, you know it's going to be one hell of a day. For starters, he did not mention that these were going to be cake donuts, especially Hurts Donutswhich is based in Springfield, MO but has a location here in Frisco. Anyways, I typically go for you traditional, Asian-made donuts, but of course I was going to try these. I went for the cookies n' cream and double fudge with pretzel. They were delightful. A little thick, but that is what you get when you eat a cake donuts I think my mom would love the double fudge and pretzel one, because it kind of reminded me of Krispy Kreme's double fudge donuts

My days have been flying by due to me having a lot of stuff to do at work and having something to do the minute I walk in to the minute I leave. My dad had asked me earlier if I wanted to whip up some of the ground beef and chili meat he had, so I was down. Plus, Fixer Upper was on, and him and I enjoy watching that together. I am kind a food buff and he is more into the whole interior and outdoor decorating. After seeing a Whataburger commerical about a Patty Melt, I decided to try and make some for us, along with some chili. I know I have made chili before, but we used different ingredients and for you tomato lovers, this one seems fitting. 

What I needed:

1 lbs. of Chili meat

1 can of Bush's Chili Beans/Pinto Beans 

1 can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes with Zesty Mild Green Chilies

1 pack of McCormick Low Sodium Chili seasoning

Like I have said before, you can just go by the instructions on the back of the McCormick's seasoning. Just make sure to brown the meat and drain the grease. Add the rest of the ingredients, bring to a boil, and then simmer for 10 minutes. Then, you're done! I ended up not having much of the chili, because the Patty Melt made me pretty full. 

The Patty Melt was very simple as well. It took about 20 minutes or so for prep and cooking all together. 

What I needed:

1 lbs. of Ground Beef

1/2 tsps of minced onion

1/2 tsps of garlic powder

Ground Pepper to taste

1 tbs. of vegetable oil

2 slices of sharp cheddar

2 slices of colby-pepper jack

4 slices of honey wheat bread (I would use sour dough next time)

Mayo, Ketchup, and Mustard to taste

Using the ground beef, I split the pound into two halves, making two LARGE patties. Then, I added the seasonings and rolled the beef into a ball, making sure the seasoning was getting evenly dispersed throughout the beef. I drizzled the vegetable oil over the ground beef, and continued the previous process. Once the ground beef was good to go, I placed them on a Red Copper pan so that I didn't have to add anymore oil to the food, which was at medium heat. Flatten out the balls of beefs on they are on the pan and let that cook for 5 minutes, then flip. Wait another 5 minutes and flip again. Add some more black pepper and then flip after 2:30 minutes. I did the same thing one more time, but added the cheese at this point.

While the burgers were cooking, I prepared the bread. First, toasted the bread for about 3 minutes in a conventional toaster, nothing fancy. Then added a layer of the mayo, ketchup, and mustard to each slice of bread. 

Once the burgers were ready, I placed them on a slice of bread and topped it with the other slice. Pressed down to gain some firmness and cut them in half, diagonally. 

As you can see above, the bread flattened out quite a bit once I pressed down, so that is why I would prefer to use sour dough rather than a normal bread. Either way, if you are looking for something simple to make, this is another win in my book. This is easy and not much prep time. I will probably try and do a more stacked patty melt in the future, with the works. Until then, try out this little creation of mine. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 23 - January 23rd, 2017

Just so I had nothing to think about once I got home, I stayed late at work to get everything I needed to do done. Everything is cleaned up in our system and I submitted like 3 people today. I am not sure when this motivated energy will run out, but I am going to keep trucking until then. Once I got home, I was starving so I had some left over cabbage casserole. Yep, I still have left overs and yes, I should not of ate this. My stomach was TORN UP, not even 30 minutes after.

Needing to get something solid in me, I decided to whip up some chicken to eat for tonight and for my lunch tomorrow. I ended up finding a Chipotle Lime Chicken. Somehow, I had everything I needed... or so I thought. I had everything but this chipotle chili seasoning, so I used cayenne instead. Not sure where to find that seasoning, so if anyone knows, feel free to comment in the box below.

What I needed:

Two chicken breast

1tbs. of Olive Oil

1/2 tbs. of Garlic Powder

1/2 tbs. of Paprika

1/2 tbs. of Cayenne

1/2 tbs. Onion Powder

1/2 tbs. of Chili Powder

1/2 tbs. of Salt

1/4 tbs. of Pepper

1 tbs. of Lime Juice

This recipe is super easy and fast to make, although my timing was much different than the instructions. I highly recommend you go by mine unless you want salmonella. You start off with mixing all the seasonings, oil, and juice together in a small bowl. Once it flows nicely, cover the chicken with the mixture and let sit for 20 minutes or so if you can. 

So the instructions told me to put the chicken on medium high heat (which is basically a 7-8) then after 5 minutes, flip for another 5-7 minutes on medium heat (4-6) on a non-stick pan. That cooked my chicken too fast on the outside and resulted in the inside not being as cooked. I recommend cooking this on medium heat the whole time, so everything is cooked evenly. Then, you will most likely end up with a less blackened chicken. I mean, the chicken was still awesome, but it took an additional 7 minutes on low medium heat for me to finish. All together, you should spend about 12-15 minutes cooking the chicken, flipping it every 4-5 minutes

After I was done cooking the chicken, I squeezed some lime juice on top or at least whatever lime juice I had left. I let the chicken rest for about 5 minutes, then I was able to go ahead a slice. Mmmmm, so many juices were flowing out, but in a I'm about to eat that chicken whole kind of way. 

I honestly just ate this chicken by the slice, because it was so darn good. Phil really dug it. He is the pickiest eater, so when he starts going back and forth for more, I genuinely know he likes it. That's when you know ya done good. Luckily, he didn't finish off the chicken and I will be able to have some for lunch tomorrow. Plus there is a CVS next door, so I can grab something to go with it. As much as I love how this turned out, I would preferably eat something with it next time. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 21 & 22 

Go figure how I congratulate myself for keeping up with this blog so well, that I have to combine the last two days due to a minor complication. That minor complication being I had the headache from hell and then the Falcons vs. Packers game came on at 2pm today. Well, let's get on with it then!

Day 21 - January 21st, 2017 

After sleeping for almost 10 hours, it was about 9:30am-10am, and I was ready for the day! Phil had stayed up late, so he was asleep until about 1pm lol. During that time of him being asleep, I was able to take Addy for a walk, clean the apartment, wipe down the kitchen, start some laundry, make Cabbage Casserole, destroy the kitchen, and wipe it back down. Cabbage Casserole is tedious and takes some perseverance to complete. Not necessarily that hard, but everything you need to use and cook just takes a long time. After about an 1 hour of prepping, you will start realizing that a cabbage tornado just hit your kitchen. Literally, cabbage was everywhere! Along with bits and pieces of everything else you need. I actually got this recipe from my friend Courtney, so this is a family recipe. Rather than put on here word for word how their recipe is, I will just tell you more about how I made it.

What I needed: 


1 lbs of Ground Hot Sausage

1 lbs of Ground Beef

Rotel (I used Hot)

Rice (Raw - I used jasmine)


Bell Pepper


garlic salt 

1 package of American sliced cheese

1/2 stick of butter

1 tsp of flour

1/4 cup of milk

While I had the meat browning, I started cutting up the cabbage into cubes. That is where I went wrong. I should have cut the cabbage first, because then I felt rushed a forgot to add a particular ingredient. Probably best, because mine should never be as good as the family who gave me the recipe. That would just be wrong. Once the meat was browning, added Rotel and some seasoning. LOL at what I thought seasoning was referring to. I guess that really meant the vegetables, but instead I took that for seasoning my meat. I will refer back to that. Anyways, I then went on to add the cabbage. HAHA honestly this is making me laugh while typing because cabbage was on the ground, around the pan, in the sink, on me.. everywhere. So I let that cook all together for around 5 minutes. During that time frame, I made the cheese sauce, which is the combination of the butter, 8 cheese slices, flour, and milk. I am about to put the cabbage mixture into the baking sheet and then I realized, the seasoning was referring to the bell pepper, onion, and garlic. I look over and there is my vegetables, no where near my cabbage concoction. So, I dump all that on top. I wish I took a picture of all this food stacked in this pan. I wash my hands, then proceed to mix this up with my bare hands, to make sure nothing is just sitting on the top. I was able to manage getting all this is the baking sheet, topped it off with the cheese sauce and added 5 more slices of cheese. I should of used the rest of the cheese slices or only cook for an hour, rather than an hour and a half. The cabbage sticking out on top was burnt. Once I peeled the burnt cabbage off, I was able to eat the deliciousness under it. I like to add Sriracha to, of course, make it spicyyyyy.

Later in the evening, I went with Phil to a birthday dinner for one of our close friends. We started the evening at Social House. Every time I am there, I forget to order mussels, but we ended up getting some Fried Pickles. 

For my dinner, I went for a Buffalo Burger, which had sauteed onions, a over medium fried eggs, provolone cheese, and our typically veggies. I forgot to remove the tomatoes. EW. Overall, the burger was alright, but I asked for medium rare and they gave me medium well. Buffalo is meant to be eaten medium and under, so shame on them for ruining my experience. Just kidding, I still really like this place and would recommend to anyone.

Day 22 - January 22nd, 2017

Wow. I must of been hit by a train last night, because my head was throbbing. After waking up at 8:30am and going back to sleep for another 4 hours, I finally was able to get myself out of bed and into the shower. Barely. T-minus one hour until the Falcons vs. Packers game was on, so I needed to get my shit together. We ordered some Pizza Hut Pepperoni Pizza and some Medium Traditional Wings, and I was brought back to life. Feeling much better by the end of the game, Falcons won and are heading to Houston baby! Go Dirty Birds!!

By the time Phil and I got home, I was ready to eat anything and everything in sight! But I held it together and decided to just make some Cajun Shrimp Pasta. Alright y'all, this is one my own recipes. I did get the shrimp concept from another recipe on Pinterest, but use some different ingredients than what that recipe called for. 

What I needed:

One bag of Medium Shrimp (41-60)

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 lemon, sliced

1/2 of butter

Cajun Seasoning

Lemon Pepper

Garlic Salt

Red Pepper

Ground Black Pepper

Italian Seasoning

I heated the oven to 350 degree. While that was heating, I took the tails off the shrimp, rinsed, then placed them on the baking sheet. Make sure to butter the baking sheet down, thoroughly. Once you have added the shrimp, you can basically dump on everything else. I do not have specific amounts for the seasonings, but I will try to describe the best I can. I sprinkled the Cajun seasoning until I can barely see pink from the shrimp on top. Then, I sprinkle one layer of everything else. As for the lemon, I place two slices in the middle, then cut the rest into four slices. I use the lemon juice of the four slices, the place them in the corners of the baking sheet. Sprinkled the minced garlic, place pieces of the butter on top, and I was ready to put it in the oven. I let them cook for 17 minutes, but it can take anywhere between 15-20 minutes. 

While the shrimp were cooking, I made the Angel Hair pasta. Sometimes we will use this shrimp recipe and eat tacos, but angel hair is super quick to make and take only minutes of less. 

The shrimp came out perfect, but the best part is THE JUICE. Rather than use sauce, this is all you need to eat with the noodles. Hence, why I have to use so much garlic and lemon.  Well, I guess I also add some parmesan cheese and more red pepper to top it off.

Either way, if there is anything I make good and I am proud of, it is this pasta. Again, this is our favorite thing (I make) to eat together. Cheap, easy, and delicious.

After going for second, I still somehow had room to end my night with some ice cream. Of course, I ate some Halo Top, but changed it up and got Chocolate Almond. Also delightful and only 270 calories a pint. That is shocking to me.

Okay, so I also ate a bag of Party Blend Chex Mix. So much garlic, so little time. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 20 - January 20th, 2017

Twenty days in y'all. Surprised I have made it this far and I'm sure for some, they are too. Not going to lie, I can be better about having these post up by a certain time. Still getting the hang of things. Otherwise, this has been fun! Thinking about getting a camera, but not sure what kind. I'm going to leave comment box below for anyone that may want to share. Most likely, will have to figure it out myself, but just in case someone is feeling friendly.

Well, it's Friday. This week was short since I had Monday off for MLK day. I had a pretty productive week at work, so hopefully things come through by next week. Everyone seemed to be into going out for lunch today, so we decided to hit up Rusty Taco off Inwood. Rusty is pretty cheap and still good, so I am always down to go there. Plus, it was a beautiful day, and the layout has a lot of natural light coming in so it's a nice spot. I thought I would change things up today and not get my usual shrimp and/or fish tacos. I will say that I do like Fuzzy's Shrimp tacos a little better. I also like Torchy's the best, but can be a little more pricey.

Rusty's has a pretty good queso, simple but not too runny. We also got some guacamole. Your basic guacamole with tomatoes. I will eat any kind of guacamole, but I still think mine has a nice little twang to it that can't be beat. Other than Chipotle and Anamia's, theirs is pretty consistent. 

I ordered the Fried Chicken taco. I am not a huge slaw person, but will eat if it is necessary. I do think it goes well with the chicken. They also have some cilantro and lime, to still give it some flavor. I topped it off with their habanero sauce, which is delicious. 

I also ordered the Roasted Pork taco, which may be my new favorite. This comes with obviously roasted pork, pickled red onions, cotija cheese, and a lime to add some flavor. YUM!

Such a solid lunch only to follow with a not so solid dinner. I came home and started munching on some gluten free pretzel chips (there I go again being healthy and all) black bean and jalapeno hummus from Walmart. I know some people don't like Walmart, but this hummus is so freaking good. So if you don't mind give you money to "the man" and you like hummus, have at it. Later on, Phil and I went to see "Split", which is about some guy with 23 different personalities and is about to UNLEASH THE 24th! Lol. This movie was your typical M. Night Shyamalan movie, meaning it was PG-13 and there were a bunch of kids talking at the beginning. Of course, we got some popcorn and I ate probably about more than half of the bag (Sorry Phil). The movie was pretty good, but prepare for the ending to really confuse you. That is all I am going to say.

Once I got home, the popcorn was not my friend and I ended up falling asleep on the couch while Phil played GTA. I am just going to admit that I woke up a couple times while he was playing, and would eat a handful of Flaming Hot Cheetos and go back to sleep. Haha don't judge me, I know I am gross. I did end up going to bed and brushing my red ass teeth and tongue, before going back to sleep. So, I promise I am a decent human being. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 19 - January 19th, 2017

Maybe it is because I ate a little more than usual yesterday, but I was STARVING the minute I woke up this morning. I know I have said it before, but I really mean it this time. Luckily, I had left my lunch from yesterday in the fridge at work, and I had two boiled eggs and half of an avocado there. A good tip for boiled eggs, in order to break the shell to where you won't have to peel off a million pieces, is to run them under cold water AND only crack the shell where it aligns to make a circle. If that makes sense? Anyways, I mixed up the eggs and avocado, added some salt and pepper, and put a drop of salsa on top. Quick healthy breakfast and kept me full for about.... 2 hours. 

I still had the salad I brought to lunch, which was what I made in my last post. Some of the mixed greens were questionable to eat, so I overlooked those and just basically ate the chicken and strawberries. So, I have been making it seem like I eat decently healthy. Here's the truth. Along with the main meals I ate/eat, comes many other things I eat in between. For instance, there are like 5 different cups in our office with Haribo Gummie Bears inside. So I easily take one of each color (5) out of each cup (5x5) and then I do this like 5 times a day (25 x 5). I eat 125 gummie bears. Wow, I have never done that math before. I better chill. 

Later on, I called my dad to see what's up. He had been sick earlier this week and so I had been checking on him, plus had yet to talk to him today. When I called, he suggested one of my favorite Tex Mex places, if not my favorite Tex Mex place.. Anamia's. 30 minutes later, he headed over and we were on our way.

Typically, I go for a margarita. Two or Three. Four MAX. Just kidding. I mean I have done it before, but usually it is just a couple. Either way, my go to is a Taco Salad from here. If you have been reading my blog, I eat salads quite often and usually taco salads. I am not sure why I am so fond of this, but I think the salad part just makes me feel better about all the salty taco seasoning that comes on the ground beef. Also, I love their mango pineapple vinaigrette. I freaking love mango, so I am sure you will see that on here from time to time. 

My dad goes for the "Cowboy", which I pretty sure is beef and cheese enchiladas with ranchero sauce, a bed of Spanish rice, and a brisket taco. It looks awesome, but I am just not really an enchilada person myself. 

We got there a little after 7pm and got home around 8pm. We don't mess around. If the restaurant isn't packed, then the service there is phenomenal. It usually isn't that bad anyways, but the inside is so loud and they go on a wait fast. Especially during the summer and any holiday. 

After having two salads today,.and eggs and avocado, I ended my night with that low-calorie ice cream I had the other night. I am trying here people! They say to have 5 small meals a day. I think having 2 small meals, 1 medium, 125 gummie bears, and ice cream is close enough. If not, well.... I'll let you know once it catches up to me. 

Happy Eating,


Day 18 - January 18th, 2017

So I got a new planner last night! Since I have been feeling super motivated lately, I thought this would be a nice touch to keeping my life together as best as possible. You can see a little bit of it on the top left, in the picture below. You can also see a coffee cup my bestie, Marisa, got me for christmas. We both have Beagles (mines a mix with Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or "Beaglier"), and of course we both getting something dog oriented. To top off my morning, I brought to work some vanilla greek yogurt with red and black raspberries, topped with oats and almonds. I was ready to take on the day!

Take on the day is exactly what I did. I found two more bookkeepers for this new client that we have, and was able to send them over immediately. They ended up getting an interview for tomorrow, which is a pretty quick turn around. After being on the phone and computer all morning, which is usually what most of my mornings consist of, I went with some co-works to Besa's Pizza & Pasta. I had some salad that I brought for lunch, but some pasta sounded great. 

Besa's has a pretty solid lunch menu. You can get a slice of pizza, salad, bread, and drink for like $5.55. I went with a Manicotti, which is something that I have never had before, and is around $8.99 during lunch. Apparently, it is basically a noodle wrapped in four different cheeses (see what I did there). I went with their house dressing for the salad, which is the usually tomato-based vinaigrette you see at Italian restaurants. 

After eating all my salad and leaving but one piece of bread left, my manicotti had arrived to the table. My co-worker didn't lie, this dish has A LOT of cheese. Now I am a love of cheese, but I may have to go as far and say this was maybe too much cheese for my liking. There was no noodle at all or at least very hard to find. Overall, I ate most of my dish, but my stomach and my brain both agreed that this I had just overdosed on cheese. 

I thought I would also share the Fettucini Alfredo my coworker got, well actually two other coworkers. One seemed to enjoy it, because she loves to dip her bread into the sauce. As you can see from the picture, there is a lot of sauce, which is what my other coworker disliked about the dish.

After feeling like I needed to take a nap the rest of the day, I knew I needed to eat something that was a little more healthier and lacked in so many carbohydrates. Salmon it was, but I wanted to do something a little different than my usually blackened salmon. So of course, I went on to Pinterest and found a Pan Seared Honey Glazed Salmon.  After making sure I had everything I needed for this, time to start cooking. 

What I needed:

Two salmon fillets

2 tsps. of Honey (I ended up just drizzling a random amount of honey)

4 tbs. of Flour

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 lime

1 tsp. of Salt

1 tsp. of Pepper

3 tbs. of Butter

1 tbs. of Olive oil

After thawing the salmon, I patted them dry with some paper-towel. Then, sprinkled 1 tbs. of Flour evenly on each side of the salmon fillets. After that, I drizzled the honey, basically making a zig-zag to what I eyed out to be about 1/2 a teaspoon on each side

In the pan, I added the butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Once added, I topped that off with some lime juice to help cook. I let that simmer for about 2 minutes or so, and removed. After making the sauce, I cooked the salmon and lowered the heat just a tad so that it would not cook too fast. After three minutes on each side, I added the sauce. After about two more minutes, I was done! 

Not going to lie, I was cooking some lemon garlic asparagus, and burnt the garlic on them. Hence, the black objects on the asparagus in the picture. On a usual day, I am able to focus on this more, and these usually turn out much better. All I really did was add some butter, lemon juice, and minced garlic to a medium hot pan, then sauteed the asparagus for a couple minutes. I had the pan heating up prior to me adding the ingredients, resulting in burnt garlic. At least I was able to save my asparagus. Also, I had yet to have ANY black eyed peas since the start of the year, so I added that in there to bring in some luck. 

Phil seemed to enjoy the meal, but I wouldn't take him for someone to admit he didn't like something.. especially on my first try of making it. Either way, he ate it all and I ate all of mine. I may of added too much honey (for my liking), but I also am not huge on things being too sweet. 

I was stuffed, but I managed to have a couple bites of Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream to end off my night. We also got to watch Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. The food, movie, and night was overall delightful. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 17 - January 17th, 2017

Today was so busy for me. Tuesday's are the new Monday I feel like, and I think that has a lot to do with my recruiter meetings being on Tuesdays. My manager started doing more of an operations role, so now we are having to do a lot more housekeeping within out system. So after the meeting, I had a couple chores to do. Mainly just go through the applications that came through, but also make sure my previous candidates are completely updated in the system. Before I knew it, my first interview was here at 11am and I forgot that I had a lunch meeting to go to at 11:30am. So, the interview took priority. Luckily, I had planned for the interview and brought my lunch for afterwards. I am also a social media administration, so I post weekly quotes, articles related to our industry or IT. In honor of MLK yesterday, I thought I would post a quote by the man himself.

Lunch was pretty basic and had left over chicken fried rice from last night, which was the primary goal. I forgot Sriracha though, so I had to scavenge for some hot sauce in the break room fridge. Luckily, some hot sauce from some taco place was in there, so it had to do. 

The day flew by and I was on my way home. I had made some chicken last night and I had some more mixed greens for salad, so I knew what I was going to make. Grilled Chicken Salad. 

What I used:

Mixed greens (Baby Spinach and Arugala)

Diced Grilled Chicken

Boiled egg



Avocado Slices

Mozzarella Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

Mango Chardonnay Vinaigrette

This salad was way too big and that's what I get for giving into my big eye when I am hungry, so I had to put half in the fridge. It was pretty good for just throwing whatever I had in my kitchen onto one plate, and covering it in dressing. I ended up going to my dad's afterwards and eating a kolache from like two days ago lol. Don't judge me.. it was too tempting and promise I at least heated it up. Whenever I got back to the apartment, I planned to finish the rest of the salad, but ended up getting too consumed with the new Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and getting my last post onto my website, since I had no time throughout the day. Oh well, I will just have to eat it for leftovers tomorrow at work. Better I spread out my food and save some money for once!

Happy Eating,


Day 16 - January 16th, 2017

It's Monday, and I had the day off. Lucky enough, so did Phil. After making some rice for a late snack last night, I still had a taste for some Asian food. Something we have not had in a while was RA Sushi. This is my favorite sushi place, but I need to start trying new places soon. Either way, I had a $20 half birthday certificate, which is so cool. So if you go here, make sure to sign up for their email list, and you can indulge on some pretty good discounts. Plus, it was happy hour all day for MLK day. Happy Meesh 🙂 

I usually go for some Sauvignon Blanc, but I went for some Kirin Light. The waiter gave the drink in a glass that we usually use for sake bombs, but I wasn't going to question it. Like I said, I haven't branched out much, so I am not sure if this is the correct type of glass to use. 

We always start with some of their garlic edamame. Soo good. We usually end up using the sauce left over to dip our sushi in.

As we were eating our edamame, the waiter brought me my Yellowtail Sashimi. So I have had yellowtail only a couple times. The first time I had it was when I went to Blue Fish for lunch when I first started at ProgressiveIT. A guy I worked with said that I had to try yellowtail, because the flavor is so smooth and basically melts in your mouth. He was right. I could probably just suck on this all day and let it dissolve slowly. At Blue Fish, they had a nice little diced jalapeno to garnish on top. No jalapeno here, but I did squeeze some lemon juice to give it some more flavor. 

Time to feast. Our rolls were finally coming out. Really only took like 15-20 minutes, but felt like a lifetime. I always go for the Viva Las Vegas roll. Pretty sure this has some seaweed wrap, with a ball of cream cheese and crab on top, and some salmon on the side. Do not take my word for it, I don't read the menu to thoroughly here, I just accept that whatever I am going to get is going to be delicious. Can't forget the tempura chip on top though.

Phil went for his favorite, the RA'ckin Roll. This comes with fried shrimp on top, guacamole in the middle, and some cream cheese mixed with crab in the roll. I sway back and forth on which one I like better, but I think it really just depends on my appetite that day. As you can see, there is a lot of food there. He ended up getting two orders lol. Forgot to mention his alcoholic beverage, which is a Revolver Blood and Honey. Their menu doesn't say that they have this, so if you are reading this, it's not too late.

We were full. Not for long though, as rice never keeps me full for long. Remember that left over rice I put in the fridge for today? Well, if you didn't read my last post, I put left over rice I steamed in the fridge, so that I could make Chicken Fried Rice.

What I needed (for the chicken):

Olive Oil

Garlic Salt

Ground Black Pepper

Olive Oil

First, I made sure to wash off the chicken and cut of the excess fat. Then, I applied the seasoning onto the chicken. Don't be shy and douse that shit on there. I used the cap of the olive oil, and drizzled the oil onto the chicken. I rubbed in the olive oil, like practically massaged it in. I diced the chicken, then placed the dices onto a medium heated pan. While I let this cook, I chopped up the vegetables to go with the rice. 

What I needed (for the rice):

2 cups of Jasmine Rice - cooked and refrigerated (Refer to last post on how to cook rice)

1 egg

Green Onion, chopped

Asparagus (2-3), chopped

1 clove of Garlic, chopped

1 carrot. chopped

1 Tbsp of Soy Sauce (Check out Silver Swan at any Asian store near you)

1 tsp of Garlic Salt

Pepper to taste

By the time I had chopped all this up, my chicken was ready. Of course, I cut between a big piece, to make sure it was cooked thoroughly.

I used the same pan and put some more olive oil onto it. Then I put the cooked rice onto the pan. Once I separated the rice from being in chunks, I added the soy sauce. I made sure to spread the soy sauce out and not to add too much, because much WILL ruin the rice and will make it overcook. 

I flipped around the rice a couple times and put the vegetables in all at once. After a couple minutes, the made some room in the middle of the pan and cracked an egg open. I made sure to break the yoke, then started mixing the egg into the rice. Don't worry, the egg will cook even all mixed into the rice. 

After the egg was cooked and all the way through the rice, I was almost done. All I had to do was add my cooked chicken, and mix that all into the rice. Last but not least, I added the seasoning and stirred it in evenly. 

Pretty simple. I make sure to use my time wisely, and chop and cook ingredients at the right time. Note that I was pretty close to over cooking the rice, because almost added too much soy sauce. I also added less salt, because I am trying to be kind of healthy. HA. 

I had a lot left over, plus I had some chicken made for the week. As always, I will let you know what I do with that cooked chicken and I think you already know what I am going to do with my fried rice left overs.... LUNCHHHHH TOMORROWWWWW.

Happy Eating,


Day 15 - January 15th, 2017

Today, the Cowboys played the Packers, in order to go to the NFC Championship. Considering I am from Dallas and have been here for the last 21 years, basically all my life, I was rooting for the Cowboys to have a chance to take on the Falcons. The Falcons are my dad's team, but he is a big Cowboys fan as well. In honor of the game, I decided to find a recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches. Simple, yes, but very fitting for this occasion. I came across a Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese sandwich on Pinterest, and I was sold.

What I needed:

Sliced or shredded cheese (I went with Sargento Colby-Pepper Jack and Sharp Cheddar)

Honey Wheat Bread


Guacamole (Refer to last Day 13 post for recipe)


As I was cooking the bacon, I heated on the pan to medium heat, so that it would be ready by the time I was finished. Once I was done cooking the bacon, I placed them on a plate, which had a paper towel on it, so that it could soak up the grease. 

For each sandwich, I buttered up one side each of the bread slices and then started adding the necessities to build the sandwich. I used one slice of cheese each, then placed them separately. Then put the bacon into an "X" and topped it off with the guacamole. The recipe called for crushed tortillas chips, but I ex-ed those out of the equation.

Once I put them on the already heated pan, I flipped them every 3 minutes until a nice golden brown. A nice tip is to cover the heated pan while you are waiting to flip. This will ensure that the cheese will be all nice and melted once you are finished. 

I would say that I flipped the sandwich about four times until it was completely finished. 

Even thought I grilled some cheese, the Cowboys ended up falling short and lost to the Packers. Amazing comeback and time got the best of them at the end. It was one of the best games that I had seen in a minute. On the plus side, my sandwich did not fall short, and it was soooo good. The bacon, the cheese, the guacamole; I was pretty impressed with myself. Now I know not everyone loves or even likes guacamole, so this sandwich may not be for everyone. If you are into guacamole and all of the above, then I would give this a try. Thank you to Pinterest for being my source of inspiration. 

This sandwich was pretty much all I had eaten all day. Phil was tired around 11pm, but I was still pretty awake. Once he hit the sack, I started getting pretty hungry. After going on a cleaning spree for about 20 minutes, I decided to whip up some Jasmine Rice. Rice is super quick to make, especially if you have a rice cooker. I usually make about 1 cup of Rice, which equals to about 1 1/2 cups of water for it to steam in the cooker. I ended up making two cups, so that I could save most of it to make some Chicken Fried Rice for tomorrow. Luckily, I made some ground turkey meat for tacos the other day, so I reheated some of that to go with my rice. I put some Sriracha and then some Silver Swan Soy Sauce, to add a little more Asian twang.

Even though the Cowboys lost, they have had an AMAZING season. Lucky for me, football season is yet to be over, since now I can cheer my Falcons on to hopefully a Super Bowl LI game. May have to find another grilled cheese recipe with EXTRA cheese. 

Happy Eating, 


Day 5 - January 5th, 2017 

So it is getting colder and colder as the week goes on. My dog, Addy, for the life of her will not go to the bathroom in the morning. What I love the most is that she still expects a treat when we get inside. Speaking of treats (this is a good transition...), I ended up taking a little bit of a late lunch around 12:45pm and was starving. After making 20-something calls in the morning, I need some air.. or I guess some artic air. I decided to "treat myself" (Parks and Recreation reference) and pick up for some other co-workers Chick-Fil-A


I know it is nothing special, but it kinda really is. I get the Spicy Chicken sandwich there with waffle fries, half and half tea, with Polynesian dipping sauce. Surprisingly, I tried this sauce because PHIL recommended it. Usually it is the other way around, but every now and then, he has these little things up his sleeve to really improve a meal. For those who have not had that sauce, if you like sweet and sour sauce, it is very similar. The spicy chicken mixed with this sauce is to die for and I recommend dipping your fries in there too. Also, take a look at the waffle fry on the left, which is damn near as big as my sandwich. I was in aw. 

Tip: If you order the Spicy Chicken sandwich, you need to apparently be specific. On the menu they only show the #2, which is the Spicy Chicken "Deluxe". Maybe some of you like all that on your sandwich, but the chicken and pickles is good enough for me. 

After work, I went back over to my parents with Phil to see my dad. He loves when we both come over and he seemed to be in a much better mood then earlier when I had checked on him. Given the circumstances, he will have his ups and downs. While Phil stayed back at the house, we bared the cold to go get some stuff to make some chili. I told y'all I would get around to it and a perfect meal for how cold it is. While looking for some meat, the deli manager walked by so my dad asked him what is the best meat for chili. We have made it plenty times before, but just wanted to see his opinion. He suggested we get "Chili Meat" or "Chili Grind". I have spoke to a few people who have used this before, but at the time, we had never even heard of it and had only used ground beef in the past.

Chili meat is like mini balls of beef, all packed up together. While cooking it, seems to be much fattier given that there was twice as much grease than usual. Plus, it took a little longer to brown the meat as well. 

Once I browned the meat, then I added the essentials. Rather than getting normal diced tomatoes, I chose to get Rotel's Chili Fixen's - diced tomatoes and green chilies. The instructions say to use 14 oz. of diced tomatoes, so I bought two cans (10 oz. each) and used about a can and a half. You also need 1 can of beans, kidney or pinto, but I prefer kidney beans. I grabbed some Bush's Chili Beans, which is just kidney beans with some chili sauce. 

I use McCormick's Original Chili seasoning, but I like to add in some of my own spices as well. I sprinkled onion powder and garlic salt to taste, and then some type of red pepper mixture that my mom has in an old pickle jar. I am good with spicy, but whatever she has in this jar, is one of the spiciest spices I have ever had. When she gets back, I will have to find out her secret.

After dumping all those ingredients into the frying pan, I mixed it all up and brought it to a boil. Once it gets to a boil, I put the temperature to low, cover the pan and let it simmer for 10 minutes. I stir every couple of minutes to prevent it from burning.

After 10 minutes, uncover and serve. No need to let it rest, because you want your chili to be hot or at least I do. I sprinkle cheese and eat it with saltines, but sour cream, Fritos, even just bread is just as good. 

Easy-to-Make Chili Recipe

McCormick's Original Chili Seasoning

2 cans of Rotel's Chili Fixen's - diced tomatoes and green chilies

1 can of Bush's Chili Beans

Onion powder to taste

Garlic powder to taste

1-2 tsp. Mom's Secret Red Pepper seasoning (sub red pepper)

After getting all warm from the chili, we started the movie Tropic Thunder. This is one of our favorite movies, but it started a little late and couldn't finish it out. We headed back home and my dad let me have the leftovers, which I plan to eat for lunch tomorrow. And of course, I put the chili in the fridge and made sure to not leave the fridge open.

Happy Eating,