Day 93-96 - April 3rd thru 6th, 2017

So yeah, Monday really sucked. Everyone was nice, but you could definitely see the disappointment in my bosses face. Inevitable, but still never a good feeling. Although, since I had been in the process of getting a new job, this was really a sense of relief. Not so much guilt, which I had been feeling a tremendous amount of until this day. With the amount of relief I felt, I still needed to vent and have a wine night with Courtney. If I have yet to mention this before, I had been working with Courtney, even though we have known each other since high school. We actually were not talking much after she had moved back from Lubbock (Yeah, we went to college together too). Whenever we had an opening for a receptionist/admin, I thought she would be a great fit. Everyone loved her, and the job kind of got us back to where we had left off. She really is the only person, other than those who work there, that I can truly vent to about my good and bad days there. So of course, wine night was just right. After a couple hours of chatting, walking the dogs, and a couple glasses of wine; we made our way to In-N-Out. We both got their cheese burger with a side of fries. Like I said before, we both agreed we liked Whataburger just a tad more. After quite the day, the evening was just what I needed. 

Tuesday, I ended up grabbing a bite to eat with my friend Nikki again for lunch. We went to Fuzzy's, which I know I have posted about quite a bit. I thought I would just share that yo could do half-sizes with the salads. I did not know that, so if you did.. well.. guess this is news to me. 

My mom actually made me some dinner on Tuesday, but I forgot to take of picture of it. Basically a tomato based soup, with pork, jalapenos, potatoes, and okra. I don't really have a name for it, but it went great with rice. I am going to call it Filipino Gumbo lol. 

Wednesday was another boring day of food. Pretty sure Phil and I just had iFratelli for dinner. Although, I did make a damn good Roast Beef Sandwich for lunch, which had roast beef (cooked), horseradish sauce, red onion, provolone, and jalapeno. 

I had some left over pizza for lunch on Thursday and to top off my incredible diet of the week, I went to Steak 'n Shake with Courtney. I definitely need to work out, because I know this is all going to my ass. I went with the Cajun Burger, which is basically a double cheeseburger with Cajun seasoning on the bun. Either way, this was a lot better than what I expected. My shake though was Nutella flavored, which I could easily have for the rest of my life. 

Even though the start of the week was not so great, I definitely do not feel defeated. I have a lot to be grateful for. Not trying to be cheesy, but what is the point of this blog if I can't express how I really feel every once in a while. In all honesty, giving my two weeks' sucked but maybe one of the best decisions I have ever made. I may suck at my next job, but there is a reason for everything. I did not hate my job, but knew that I felt as stagnant as ever. As I am transitioning into this next adventure, I will look back knowing that I had a good job out of college, but remember the courage it took to see if there is a great  job for me out there. I guess I will find out soon! I know I haven't mentioned on here where I will be working, but I definitely will once I start.

Happy Eating, 


Day 90-92 - March 31st thru April 2nd, 2017

Something I have yet to mention in my posts, which I think is long over due, is that I found new job! Yep, I officially accepted the offer on Thursday, so I have been preparing myself to give my two weeks'. I read an article that you never really want to give your two weeks' on a Friday, on the contrary to most advice sites that say you should. I agree, that it would really end off the week by, plus also give me the weekend to really gather my thoughts so that I would find the right thing way to go about as to why.

My last Friday at work, which was a beautiful day, we decided to go to R Taco (previously Rusty Taco). We always liked going here. With Lent in mind, I went with a classic Shrimp Taco. I also got the Fish Taco, which I have decided I am not the biggest fan of. Something about the seasoning, so I will stick with my Mr. Orange Taco at Torchy's if I want a fish taco. 

The rest of the day was nice, with nothing too eventful happening. To celebrate my new job, I went with some friends and Phil to Urbano in Flower Mound. I went there a couple weeks' ago with my friend Courtney, and thought they should check it out. Everyone seemed pleased, and it is definitely cheaper compared to Anamia's. I went with something different, which was the Ahi-Tuna Tacos, with a side of corn and black beans.

The next day, Phil and I went with his dad to Fuddrucker's. Honestly, it has easily been over 7 years since I have been there, but it was actually quite tasty. Also quite terrible for me, but tasty nonetheless. I got the Inferno Burger, which came with jalapenos, pepper-jack, and grilled onions. 

Not having much the night before, I got up wanting to finish off the Turkey Bacon I had in the fridge and make some breakfast. Phil was still sleeping, but he usually goes for a over-hard fried egg. For me, I a over-easy kind of girl. My favorite thing to do is to douse some sriracha and dip my toast in the yolk, once I cut up the egg. Yummmm.

Before Sunday came to an end and had went over with Phil exactly how I was going to approach this news to my boss, I grabbed some dinner with my friend Nikki at this place called Drunken Donkey. Despite the name, the food there is pretty good. I always have to start with their Bacon Thingies, which have bacon, jalapeno, chicken, and cheese; topped off with some buffalo sauce. 

Something I have also been craving is a good BBQ sandwich, I went with their Pulled Pork Sandwich with a side of their Blackened Fries. So good.

To be frank, I have a lot to thank the president of Progressive IT and my co-worker for this blog. We actually were just talking about basically nothing during lunch one day, and jokingly mentioned me starting a blog. It actually seemed like a GREAT idea, considering I had a website that I was not even using, but paying for every month. So this post is for them, because those lunches and meaningless chit-chats is what I am going to really miss the most, plus a couple other people too. Wish me luck, as I will be doing one of the scariest things I have ever had to do. Not to be dramatic...

Happy Eating, 


Day 87-89 - March 28th thru 30th, 2017

The beginning of the week had been a little rough at work, so Tuesday I needed to get out of the office. Oddly enough, we had been talking about TGI Friday's, so we ended up going there for lunch. We used to go here more often when our old office manager worked with us, but I had not been there since. To be honest, they have a solid lunch. I walked out of there before top, with a $10 tab. Not too shabby for lunch at a restaurant. The appetizers are pretty decent here. I suggest getting the Mozzarella Sticks, if you like that sort of thing. They are made perfectly there!

For the lunch menu, they basically allow you to pair any salad with soup. There are other variations, but that's what I went with. As my soup, I order the French Onion Soup, which was recommended by the waiter and someone at our table. Very cheesy and the warmth of the soup made me all cozy inside. 

As for my salad, I went with their Cobb Salad and took out tomatoes of course. That left me with avocado, bacon, boiled egg, side of balsamic vinaigrette, and balsamic glaze chicken. Very tasty!

Wednesday was a little bit of a busy lunch for me, so I actually didn't get to eat until later that evening. Phil had made a burger for me to bring to work, but forgot about it until the morning and didn't have time to get it. I was already running a little late. I ended up eating the burger the minute I got home. It was freaking delicious, as always. After I ate, I went over to Courtney's to have some wine. The wine was actually crap, since the cork was effed up and pretty sure let air through, which made the wine taste very sour. After letting the dogs roam around the parking lot across the street from her apartment, we decided to go on a little field trip to Andy's Frozen Custard in Grapevine. We both had never had it before, but it was freaking good.

I forgot what exactly Courtney had, but mine was basically an Oreo flavor with some caramel mixed in. Melted in your mouth, literally.

Thursday morning came with a headache from the bad wine, and a little bit of an empty stomach. I was able to get a Potato, Egg, and Cheese taco from the Deli downstairs. I opted for egg whites and also added some jalapeños. 

For lunch, we were contemplating on Italian or Tacos, but went with Besa's in Addison. They have a really good lunch deal, where you can get pizza, salad and a drink for $6. You can't beat that. Plus, the pizza I huge and might as well be two.

Like I said, this week has been a little bit busy for me, but I will try and squeeze in some really good food this weekend. I will have hit 90 days by Friday, so I'm almost to 100. In other words, a little over one-forth of the way there! 

Happy Eating, 


Day 83-86 - March 24th thru 27th, 2017

On Fridays, I am kind of down for anything. Although, it has been lent, so I have been trying really hard to not eat red meat on Fridays. The gang at work wanted to get some wings, so we decided on Hooters haha. Honestly, probably should of took one for the team and let them go get Wingstop. We started off with the beer cheese dip and pretzels, which is good. We also got some fried pickles, which I find is pretty hard to mess up. If I were able to get wings, I would of been satisfied. Instead, I went with the mahi sandwich, which was supposed to be blackened but was as bland as could be. Remind me not to go there during lent on a Friday...

On Saturday, Phil's grandparents were in town so decided to have them over at the apartment. I was a little anxious because they had never been over, and you always want to make a good impression on the fam. We decided to whip up some tacos, because let's be honest.. those are hard to mess up too. Luckily, Phil's dad brought some cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa. So all we had to get was the meat, tortillas, taco seasoning, and the ingredients for guacamole. If you go back to January, I basically used my Tacos de Meesh recipe. I also had some red pepper at home, so I was able to roast those in the oven. Phil's grandparents really enjoyed the tacos, and really liked the red pepper on there. His "wella" even helped me chop up some of the vegetables. It was some good ole family time.

After nibbling on the leftovers the evening before, we decided to go get some breakfast Sunday morning. We drove to Highland Village to try this place called Seven Mile Cafe, but it was a fail. We got there around 11:30 and it was a 45 minute wait. Yeah, no thank you. So we tried First Watch across the street, and about a 35 minute wait. So we opted for reliable Le Peep, which was a 5 minute wait. Maybe not the best thing for Le Peep to not be that busy on a Sunday morning after church, but benefited us. I wanted to try something new, but stay in the healthy range. I was going to go with the Salmon Benedict, but the dish was listed at 1300 calories. I'm usually not a calorie counter (anymore) but holy shi.... that ain't happening. So I went with the Harvest Benedict; which has spinach, onion, green pepper, and mushroom. I have said it before but I will say it again, the peasant potatoes here are the tits. 

Since I have been to Chipotle multiple times and have posted on here about there before, I think it's safe to say that a picture is not needed. That being said, later Monday evening, I was able to use the leftovers from tacos to make a taco salad. Nothing too crazy, but just used all the ingredients and topped it over spinach and kale. Rather than use dressing, I just used the salsa. I know some people are not into leftovers, but sometimes it's worth saving that extra cash and being able to whip up something for free.

I know I don't usually include Mondays for my weekend posts, but thought it was more appropriate this time around considering the ingredients. Big week ahead of me though, so bare with me on posting. As I'm sure all you do, since I frequently get behind. Almost to 100 days those, so I will continue to try and give you the goods!

Happy Eating,


Day 79-82 - March 21st thru 23rd, 2017

Monday was pretty boring. My lunch consisted of what I had made with my mom and dad the night before, which was chicken, brussel sprouts, and asparagus. I am not sure if I am the only one, but grilled veggies really start to wreak the next day. Nonetheless, I still managed to scarf this down for my lunch the next couple days. For some reason, I was pretty full still by dinner time, so I just snacked on some white cheddar popcorn to hold me over the rest of the evening.

On Tuesday, even though I had lunch made for the week, I still insisted on one of my coworkers getting me a taco from Taco Casa. He offered to snag me one... so I accepted that offer. I had the same lunch and got to have a snack for later, which was a glorious soft taco. Also, there is something extra tasty about their hot sauce. I could eat it with just about anything. In the evening, I ended up not eating much again. Riveting stuff.. I know.

On Wednesday, Phil surprised me by wanting to take me to get some sushi later that evening. We first stopped by his mom's house to help her move a cabinet, I underestimated the weight of that cabinet, as we could barely get the thing down a couple set of steps on the stairs. I was talking with his sister, by the time I realized that they were having issues towards the bottom of the stairs, so I really only helped with the last bit. After that, we head to RA Sushi. I am sure you have heard me talk about this place enough, but it has to be my favorite sushi and one of few I have actually tried. To change things up, I decided to go with some Mackerel Nigiri. This probably had to beat the tuna I had last time. Plus, sriracha on anything makes it ten times better.

I then went for the Mango Lobster Roll, in which I added cream cheese and jalapeño. All this time and I had no idea you could add things to the rolls! If I had to be honest, this wasn't my favorite roll and could probably do without what I put on there. So my bad RA for thinking I could make your specialty rolls that much better, when in reality.. ya got it down.

Anytime I drink the night before, I always feel very hungry the following morning. Only two glasses of wine and I was still craving something, so I went for a Potato Egg and Cheese Taco. Our downstairs deli does a decent job and they're pretty cheap too.

Still hungry.. only two hours later. The gang and I decide to go to our favorite lunch spot, Cafe Gecko. I kept it pretty old school, by getting the Blackened Chicken Sandwich. I have said it before and I will say it again, best chicken sandwich ever! 

Since I sort of meal prepped, it was an uneventful week in the Meesh food world. The weekend will come with more savory content, but until then...

Happy Eating,


Day 76-78 - March 17th-19th, 2017 

Finally Friday had arrived. Some of us in the office decided to go to Klyde Warren to treat someone who had never been there before and was their last day at work. She is moving to Idaho and found a position a little quicker than expected where she could work from home. Anyways, once we got to Klyde Warren, we quickly realized that it was Spring Break. By that, I mean it was packed. Poor guy that drove us there couldn't find any parking until about 45 minutes in. He had let us get out prior to getting to that point. I had already checked out what food trucks would be there, so I know where I was heading. Cousin's Maine Lobster. I have been eagerly wanting to try a lobster roll, so I ended up going with their Connecticut Lobster Roll. Surprisingly, the Connecticut one is the hot version of this roll, rather than the Maine is the cold. Why some would eat this cold is beyond me. Needless to say, this was soooo good, but sort of small. I think it's because you should get the loaded tots that are extra, to make going here worth while. Otherwise, you are like me and left with a small sandwich, that results to you wanting to get even more food....

...and that I did. Easily a $30 lunch that day, but hey, what the heck. It was payday, do why not invest in some good food. Especially for the blog. Well, I went for the Gandolfo's Deli food truck; which had a nice choice of sandwiches, loaded fries, and hots dogs if I remember correctly. I went for the Liberty Fries, which had: fries, thousands island, cheese, chunks of dill pickle, and... PASTRAMI. Yep, my hungry brain completely overlooked the meat factor (Lent Friday), and I had already paid. So, sharing is caring.

I haven't been to the grocery store in a minute. So, when I woke up Saturday morning, I basically had one egg, bread, turkey bacon, and cheddar cheese. Egg sandwich for breakfast (it was 2pm) sounded fine to me.

Later in the evening was a little more of a treat. Courtney and I wanted to dinner, so I suggested we go to Urbano. Urbano is a taco/enchilada bar restaurant, with a nice patio on the side. We had to have a patio, so this place came to mind. They had live music going and the guy playing asked if anyone wanted to sing with him. I am one to love karaoke, but I was going to have to pass. Well, after a margarita, he had mentioned the song "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac and I couldn't resist. Plus, they also consider themselves a "tequila bar", so the margaritas were gooood to say the least. We started with some queso to eat, pairing with a spicy jalapeno margarita and Courtney going with the house blend.

You are able to mix and match here. Instead of going with only brisket, I did the brisket and shrimp tacos. Both were decked out. The shrimp had slaw, cilantro, and topped with guacamole and cheese. The brisket has jalapenos, pickled onion, and some guacamole and cheese too. Both were on corn tortillas and fantastic!

Speaking of corn, the street corn is super good. Pretty sure within the red sauce is cayenne pepper and lime salt. Tangy!

After about four margaritas and half a glass of wine, we called it a night. Just to be clear, we had the wine at my apartment, not like that changes how many margaritas I had lol.

Courtney and I also planned to get our nails done on Sunday. Lucky for us, there is a gelato shop right next door called Epic Gelato. They had a ton of flavors, YUM!

After overhearing what were the "fan favorites", I went with a flavor called Heaven and Oreo. Heaven was a mix of chocolate, fudge, and caramel. As for Oreo, this is just your basic cookies and cream, with a better name.

To end off the weekend, I went over my parents. Unexpectedly, we decided to grill some food. I wanted to make some chicken for the week, along with some brussel sprouts. My mom made her special marinade. To be honest, the only thing I caught her putting in it is soy sauce and vinegar, which is what she would pretty much put on anything. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snag a picture of the asparagus I made, but they were also very tasty. Just as a reminder, we need to put more coal when we grill. I shit you not, it took almost two and a half hours. No bueno.

Once I actually got around to going to the grocery store, I was able to make some food. Eating out less next week is the goal, but we shall see where the week takes me.

Happy Eating,


Day 72-75 - March 13th thru 16th, 2017

Monday started off pretty nice. Even though I didn't get much sleep the night before, I was able to sleep in a little. Since it was spring break, everyone takes off which makes traffic pretty much non-existent. Once I got to work, I couldn't stop thinking about eating lunch. I had made some Cajun Salmon in foil with some potatoes and corn. After running an errand during lunch time, I was able to come back and enjoy this little treat.

Once I was on my way home, Phil asked if I wanted some Jersey Mike's. Sounded perfect to me, plus I had been craving their California Club sandwich lately. This comes with the turkey, provolone, bacon, and guacamole. Of course, I had to get it Mikes way, which is lettuce, onion, juices, oil, and seasoning. Usually with tomatoes, but I took that out of course.

I had planned to eat my salmon I had made, but opted to go to Chuy's with Brandi. If I ever want to go out, I can always count on her to get me to actually do it. We both were thinking tex-mex, so why not just go. I was keeping in mind that I needed to eat somewhat decent, since I had been slacking on the workout train this week. After eating the queso compuesto with some tortillas, I had some chicken tortilla soup to end off my meal. Actually comes with a tortilla too!

I ended up finally finishing my salmon, so I really had nothing else to eat for lunch on Wednesday. I guess this week was going to be one of those week's where I eat out for lunch. Well, the group decided on Olive Garden, which is somewhere that I have been a couple times since starting my blog. Pretty common place, but awesome for lunch. I got out of there under $10 with tip. That's impressive. My coworker decided to get an appetizer for the table. He went for The Sampler, but as you can see below, you barely get anything. I don't recommend this appetizer... like, look how pathetic those cheese sticks look?

For my actual lunch, I went with the Spicy Chicken Breadstick Sandwich. This sandwich was actually quite small, but had a ton of flavor. With Gorgonzola running down each side of the sandwich; this was a good choice. Also came with Parmesan fries.

Thursday was a real Asian day. Starting off with Fast Furious, I went for the classic steak combo, with noodles and veggies. Spicy, of course!

My coworker insisted on going to get frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog, which was right across the street from Fast Furious. At first I wasn't into it, but then quickly changed my mind once I got inside. I went with chocolate, strawberry, and cheesecake flavors with cheesecake, Reese's cups, and almond to top it off. 

Courtney and I had planned to go to happy hour at RA Sushi, which is actually like two seconds away from work. Why we didn't think to go before now is beyond me. After eating some garlic edamame and three glasses of wine, I finally got the Spicy Shrimp Roll. I'll be honest, the one in Southlake seemed to put a little more effort. I didn't even take a pic of my tuna, because it was nowhere near the bright pink color the one I got from Southlake was. 

But my friend Margarita with with this specialty roll, which looked beautiful. Pretty sure this had calamari in it, but can't remember the name of it. I will try to update if I figure it out!

So like I said, this week was full of a lot of restaurant food. I will try to cook up some stuff this week and share some recipes. Probably going to shoot for some solid Buzzfeed suggestions. They are always clutch. Weekend update will be up sooner or later...

Happy Eating, 


Day 69-71 - March 10th thru 12th, 2017

Fridays are actually not so bad without meat. Not that I actually needed a reason to eat seafood. I will eat that anytime, but since it is lent, I have something to look forward to. Something I haven't been looking forward to is not being able to drink coffee though. I really do miss it. Not the caffeine part, but the actual taste of coffee is so much better than tea. No offense to the tea drinkers, I will take a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks any day, but coffee is just so good. Anyways, we decided to go to Cafe Gecko, because of course I need this is my diet at least once a week. I had heard a coworker getting the Blackened Shrimp Salad, in which she said it was awesome. That it was. Plenty of shrimp and even had some boiled egg on there.

I had told my parents that Phil and I would go hang out with them later to grill some food. We got over there around 5:30pm and rushed over to Kroger to get some seafood. They already had some brats for Phil and my dad to eat. I decided to get some shrimp, potatoes, and corn to cook in some foil. I also got some Louisiana seasoning, to get that Cajun flare going. I had to put about two tablespoons of oil on top of the food, which was in a bowl. Then, I mixed the seasoning and food together and placed them into two separate foils. I covered them completely and then had them on the grill for about 35-45 minutes.

While the other was on the grill, I steamed some mussels as well. I add a whole lemon, and doused it in garlic powder and Cajun seasoning. Of course, there was a ton of butter too, but I did not measure. I was kind of winging it.

Look at dem' BRAAAATS!

After eating and chilling by the chiminea, we left around 10pm. For some reason, I was dead tired and so was Phil. I think we made to about midnight, or at least I did. No way Phil did haha.

The next day, I was craving a burger. Not sure why, but Phil suggested In-N-Out and I was game. I hadn't been there in at least two years. I do like In-N-Out, but I usually prefer Whataburger. Here's the thing, Whataburger will always be my true love, but In-N-Out is definitely less salty. That can be a good or bad thing, but it was just fine on Saturday. It was pretty darn good.

We were on a food high, so we decided to stay in and make some homemade pizza during the whole St. Patty's Parade festivities in Dallas. Well, by the time we made it, the parade was well over. You get what I mean though; it was good ole' quality Phil and Meesh time. Those are always the best nights. I had some wine, he had a beer, and made some pizza and three in a cal-zone.

It was pretty simple to make the cal-zone. Phil did most of the work on this one, which was actually make the dough. We used the Kroger brand pizza dough, which was in a package near all the tomato sauces and such. You basically just add water and olive oil, but just read the directions to see how much. After letting the dough sit, we tore off a piece that would be enough to make the cal-zone. Phil put the pepperoni and cheese inside, folded it over, and topped it off with some melted butter with garlic salt added to it. Sprinkled a little Parmesan, used a fork to make some holes at the top, cut to lines on top as well, and cooked it with the pizza. It came out perfectly.

Now for the pizza! Of course, we spread the dough out as much as possible in a circular shape. 

Here is what I used:

Pizza Sauce or Tomato Paste

What you need for the tomato paste:

1/2 tsp of Garlic powder

1/2 tsp of Onion powder

1 tsp of Oregano, Dried

1/4 tsp of Black pepper

1/2 tsp of Kosher salt

1/2 tsp of Sugar

Pepperoni (Yes, I know they are huge. They were the only ones we could find, but still tasted great

1/3 Cups of Olive oil, Virgin

1 Package of Mozzarella cheese

1 Ricotta

We also used the butter sauce we made on the crust. We first put the sauce on, then sprinkled the cheese. For the ricotta, I used a tablespoon and dropped it on the pizza with about an inch apart to each drop. Placed the pepperoni on there and of course, my side is with the jalapeno's, but you can basically put whatever you want on top.

At 425 degrees, we placed the pizza in the oven and let it cook for about 17 minutes. The pizza dough directions say 10 minutes, but we used two packages of dough to correlate with the other recipe I utilized. As you can see below, the pizza came out almost perfectly. I say almost because we probably could of taken it out at 14-15 minutes, but in no way was it burnt. So, if you like crispy, then 17 minutes could be to your liking. 

The pizza was a success and basically ate the whole thing that night. Well with one slice to spare, which still tasted great the next day!

Sunday mornings are for eggs and avocado. I have been making something similar almost every Sunday, and it is starting to become a ritual. Watch, now that I am saying this, there will probablt be a reason why I don't end up making this next Sunday. We shall see. 

I went for a Spinach and Avocado Omelette. Here's what I used:

2 Eggs

Splash of milke

Lemon Pepper, to taste

Garlic Powder, to taste

Ground Black Peppercorn, to taste


1/2 cup of baby spinach

Parmesan, to taste

Paprika, to taste

Mixing all the seasonings and milk with the eggs in a bowl, until whipped. I placed the egg mixture on a medium heat pan. Then, I put the baby spinach in and let the egg cook for about 3-4 minutes. Once ready, I was able to fold the egg over and then flip about once or twice. I am still working on perfecting my omelette making skills. Practice makes perfect. I then sliced a perfectly ripe avocado, and put the slicing's on top. Sprinkled some more Parmesan and Paprika, and of course drizzled some sriracha on there. 

Along with the omelette, of course had to add some Maple Peppercorn Bacon. Well really, it was about to go bad, so I needed to cook it asap. Lastly, sorry for such a delayed post! I had been scrambling trying to figure out why my last post would not save. It took me three days to finally figure out that I had used an emoji from my phone, that was not compatible with WordPress. LOL. Remind me to never use an emoji again.....

Happy Eating, 


Day 66-68 - March 7th thru 9th, 2017

Since I had made food for myself the night before, I was eagerly waiting for lunch to approach. Work has been kind of slow and without coffee, them morning seemed to drag on. Plus, I didn't bring my gym bag to work since I had worked out the day before. I did end up close my office door and just doing my 30 day challenge workouts, which almost brought me to a sweat. Finally around 12:30pm, I was able to eat some lunch and also post for on here.

Just like to morning, the afternoon was slow as well. Although, I did have someone come in for an interview, so that was nice because I was able to submit her. I promised my mom I would go over their house for dinner to watch "The Voice". We like to watch that show together and I hadn't been over since Saturday, so sounded nice to have a free meal made for me. Once I got over there, I could smell the food, which was some beef chunks, asparagus, and jasmine rice. But when I opened the fridge.. there it was. MANGO. Boy, it has been a while since I have had freshly sliced mango. I always screw up and cut right into the seed, but my mom has this sixth sense of always being able to cut a mango perfectly. A true Filipino goddess. I ended up staying through The Voice and watching Fixer Upper with them too. Not usually my moms choice of things to watch, but she seemed somewhat intrigued.

The next day, I walked into work with a nice little surprise. DONUTS. Even though I have been on a health kick a little bit the past few weeks, I was definitely going to indulge.  

Not going to lie, I ended up working out during my lunch break and felt absolutely miserable because of that donut. But was it worth every bite? Yes. 

Phil and I went to the grocery store a little later, while I was letting some chicken thaw out. He had to get some Tippens Pie, which is his favorite chocolate mousse pie. By the time I got home, the chicken was perfect and I knew just what to make. Sort of. I started out with just the basic olive oil, salt and pepper. After cutting the chunks of chicken up and putting it into a medium heat pan, I decided to throw some lemon pepper and garlic on there. Mmm.. it had seemed to be missing something. Then it hit me, BALSAMIC VINEGAR. So I just added that to the pan and let it soak into the chicken. Before I knew it, I had a masterpiece or at least I thought it was pretty darn tasty. So did Phil. 

I had planned to eat in for lunch again on Thursday, but was dying to get out of the office. I had brought the chicken to make a salad, but thought.. why not just eat that for dinner. I hadn't been to Fast Furious in a while and I knew Brandi would be into it, and that she was. Instead of going for the usual combo, I went for their Kimchi and opted for brown rice and noodles rather than the fried rice that comes with it. I love that you can mix and match anything there. Needless to say, the Kimchi was delightful and I was very satisfied. 

Like I said, I had planned to eat the salad for lunch but thought it would be better for dinner. I decided to make a Caprese Chicken Salad, which sounded perfect with the balsamic lemon pepper chicken I had made from the night before. I added some cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and mozzarella cheese. To top it off, a little bit more balsamic vinegar. 

For the weekend, my parents, phil and I planned to grill on Friday. Not sure what else is in store, but I'm sure I mix some picture worthy food in there.

Happy Eating,


Day 65 - March 6th, 2017

Been a minute since I had a single day post, but rest assure, there is plenty to go over. Monday was a typical Monday. Addy chose to make an accident over night and then not go potty while I took her out in the morning. After being soooo good the week before, it never fails. Luckily, I had everything ready to go for my day from the night before. Once I got in, it was a quiet morning, due to funeral everyone went to (minus a few - including me) for one of the VP's family members. Once they had gotten back, I had been at the gym in our building and was into my sandwich. I just had a simple ham and cheese sandwich with pepperjack cheese and pickled jalapenos, per usual.

Later that day, Phil had his 2nd lab exam for A&P 1 and got a 96. So proud, because: #1 - I never made that good of a grade on a lab exam and #2 - because he studies so hard and deserves to get those kind of grades! Naturally, I wanted to take him to get something to eat, so we decided on good ole Fuzzy's. We grabbed some dinner, but no drinks. We ordered some Queso & Chorizo, which is always good. For some reason, the chorizo looked a little different to me. I don't know, maybe over cooked? Either way, it was still tasty.

As always, I went with the Grilled Shrimp Salad, but this time with the Chili Lime Vinaigrette. I usually get their "House" dressing.. which I guess isn't technically a house dressing? Phil and I always get confused by that statement. I actually went with the Chili Lime thinking that it was what I usually get, but it's not. Still really good and probably going to get that over the other dressing, but maybe they should just leave that part out. I added some black beans and avocado, because you can FOR FREE.

After eating almost all my salad, plus the chips and queso; I was lazy as can be. Not until Phil decided to hit the sack around 10:30, did I decide to finally make my chicken for lunch. I had been wanting to make this Sweet Garlic Chicken recipe I found on Pinterest and boy, I am sure glad I did. This was maybe the BEST chicken I have ever made at home and it was super easy!

Here's what I used:

2 Chicken Breast

2+ Tbs of Olive Oil

2 Tbs of Brown Sugar

3 Cloves of Garlic, minced

Salt and Pepper

I set the oven to about 450 degrees. While that was heating up, I put the chicken in a nonstick pan and drizzled some olive oil on there. Rubbed the oil around, then doused some pepper and salt. After that, I added the olive oil a medium-heat pan, placed the minced garlic, and evenly cooked that for about 2 minutes. I took the pan off the heat and added the 2 tbs. of brown sugar. Once the sugar and garlic were mixed and combined, I let it cool for about 30 second and then rubbed the mixture onto both sides of the chicken. After about 25 minutes in the oven, the chicken was thoroughly cooked and made my mouth basically explode with flavor. I truly recommend this recipe!

Needed a side and had some brussel sprouts in the fridge, so I decided to make some with balsamic vinegar and honey.

Here's what I used:

Brussel Sprouts

2 Tbs. of Balsamic Vinegar

1 Tbs. of Honey

1/4 tsp. of Salt

1/2 tsp. of Pepper

2 Tbs. of Olive Oil

I cut the bottom off and trimmed the outer layer of each brussel sprout. Then, I used a bag to mix the olive oil, pepper and salt. I placed the sprouts on a pan with aluminum foil on it and cooked them for about 17-18 minutes. The recipe calls for 20 minutes, but I put it in at the same temperature as the chicken I made. You should really cook the sprouts at 425 degrees. Once they were finished cooking, I placed them in the bag I used to mix the other ingredients, and added the balsamic and honey. 

These were also very good, but I could minus the honey. Not sure what it is about using honey on my food, but I feel it makes it too sweet. I prefer savory, but if you like sweet, then these are for you. Now I am set for Tuesday and Wednesday lunch. Hoping my mom makes dinner for me tomorrow, so that I don't have to worry about eating out for at least one day this week. I mean, what are mom's for right? Just kidding. 😉 

Happy Eating, 


Day 63 & 64 - March 4th & 5th, 2017

I was able to get up kind of early on Saturday! I ran some errands for my parents and had coffee (tea for me, of course) with them until about noon. The rest of the day seemed to be getting chillier, so I kept my butt inside. Later in the evening, Phil and I had our friends Margarita and Anthony over. We were going make a homemade pizza, but after a glass a wine, we decided Applebees? would be a better option. I plan on making that pizza soon though. I just went with their Classic Sampler, which came with chicken quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, hot buffalo wings, and spinach dip. I let everyone pick at the dip and Phil had some mozzarella sticks. Not too shabby for $12.99.

Once we got back, we played Uno for about an hour or two, then called it a night. Pretty easy going.

Sunday morning, it was pretty dreary outside, so a perfect day to do absolutely nothing. Although, I did decide to make some breakfast. I had made some guacamole the day before, so that sounded pretty good with some toast and over-easy fried egg. 

Some people were asking what was on the egg, so here's what I used:

Lemon pepper

Garlic powder

Black peppercorn, grounded


You can add salt, but I'm trying to reduce my intake so I can retain less water.

Since I gave up coffee for Lent, I went with some Chai tea. This is probably my favorite in flavor, but I usually go with some green or black tea if I want some more caffeine.

Later on, Phil offered to make burgers, which as I have mentioned before on here.. are the bomb! He sautéed the chopped garlic in soy sauce and lemon juice.

Of course, I had to add jalapeños. 😉

Not really sure what I'm going to do this upcoming week, but I know that homemade pizza is in the cards. I'll keep y'all posted!

Happy Eating,


Day 60-62 - March 1st thru 3rd, 2017

Since March has started, I have been basically sick and not really able to consume as much food as usual. Maybe a good thing since I have been trying to shed some pounds, but not so good for the blog. I woke up Wednesday feeling practically the same as I did on Tuesday, and gradually got worse throughout the day. Luckily I had the tilapia I had made on Monday to hold me over, because I could barely eat by the time I got home. The second I got home, I went straight for the shower to warm my body up and kill off any germs I had collected throughout the day. Poor Phil. He got me some queso from Torchy's, like the sweet guy he is. This is pretty much all I ate that night.

I did manage to make this "Miracle Tea" that I found online, and luckily had the ingredients already at home. 

Here's what I needed:

2 Tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Lemon, squeezed

1/4 cup of water

1 Tbs of Honey

Dash of Cinnamon

Heated the mixture for about 2 minutes. The instructions suggested 30 seconds, but I actually wanted it hot to soothe my throat a bit. The taste is bareable, if you like vinegar. Add more cinnamon to have more of apple flavor. To be honest, you just have to deal with the taste though. It really isn't that bad, especially if you want to feel better. You will do all it takes or at least I would. 

Thursday morning, I could barely get out of bed. For some reason, this whole head cold thing was making me super dizzy and I had to let my boss know I would be running a little late. Probably would be best to not drive like that. I got in around 9:20am and the morning flew by, since I had someone come in for an interview, which is the only reason I didn't call in sick. Once my interview left and I was able to submit her, I had used all the energy I had and literally felt like death the rest of the day. I brought some left over soup for lunch, which I do not suggest reheating. It just wasn't as good, so next time.. I need to make less servings. Luckily, the crew had went to this Canadian diner called Maple Leaf Diner, which had some delicious cookies they chose to bring back. There was a peanut butter and jelly cookie that had my name all over it. Courtney went with the lemon cookie, which was pretty tasty too!

Even with this sweet delight, the day seemed to drag on and I had hit rock bottom. I had the worst headache, my body was aching tremendously, and.. I think you get the point. By the time I got home, I was running a bit of a fever and Phil could tell that I was feeling awful. He ended up getting me some medicine and Gatorade to hopefully relieve the pain. Sure enough, by around 8pm, my fever had broke. I have never felt so excited about sweating haha.

Finally, Friday arrived and I actually woke up feeling like a human being. Remind me to taking my vitamins, because this was no fun. I still had a cough, but my body felt like I could function again, which is all that mattered. Even people (Courtney) at work were saying that I looked like shit the other day, but looked much better Friday. Since I had been cooped up in the office all week, I decided to go with them to lunch. We were going to go to good ole' Cafe Gecko, but actually chose to go to Flying Fish instead. I had never been there, so I was game for it. They had the Lent Special, which was 3 catfish, 2 fried shrimp, hushpuppies, and fries. A lot of fried food to say the least. I ate most of it, but this was more than I had all week, so I didn't want to over do it. The catfish was solid, not too breaded, and still pretty moist on the inside. 

The rest of the day went by fast and then I ended up going to eat with my mom at our favorite seafood buffet. We pigged out. After the past week, I was pretty tired, so I went home to relax with my dog and snuggle with the boyfriend. More weekend eats to come, stay tuned!

Happy Eating,